biscuit breakfast casserole

I’ll do a video on this soon! But here are the basics 🙂

I learned to make this with Canned Biscuits but truly probably not as healthy – ha! But you can replace with a Basic Biscuit recipe.


1/2 – 1 pound of “browned” ground breakfast sausages (or plain, just season your own with sage and salt and pepper)

5-6 Eggs – Prepare them like you were going to scramble – so add cream or  milk (1/2 cup of so or even 1/4 cup of water works) salt pepper etc.

2 cups of cheese of your choice – I shred my own cheese because of the “wood pulp” ingredient in most shredded cheese

Directions –

Spray the bottom of a 13 X 9 baking dish. Brown your sausage and drain off any fats. Lay out your raw biscuits in the pan nicely – they can touch 🙂 then pour the sausage over them, then the eggs then sprinkle the cheese and bake for 25-20 min on 350 – 375 depending on your oven – mine is convection so I use 375 for 25 min.

Let cool for about 5-10 min, cut in squares around the biscuit and dig in 😉 – I’ve even smootherd this with sausage gravy and its to die for!


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